Today I was reminded again the nature of life – impermanence.

I am a clumsy person, tend to drop things. Every day, one stuff would at least fall off my grip. I don’t know why, it happens too many times. If not me dropping stuff, it’s me stumbling upon something on the path. It’s not uncommon for me to drop or fall over things…. Mmmm not sure if I have motor problem, as I could coordinate my body very well when I exercise. I could learn new movement very easily…. ><

Anyway, being clumsy today I dropped my new phone – of which I’ve only owned for less than a month! [Ouch!] It fell off on hard tiles! The screen cracked and it turned blank though it still functions very well.

This is a very good reminder for me not to take things for granted. A lot of things in life out of habit or heedfulness, I take things for granted. Being it possessions or people around me. Tonight’s incidence may hurt my pocket but enrich my heart. Hold everything you have in life with a lot of gratitude and gracefulness as it doesn’t last forever 🙂

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