HAPPY 2013 YEAR!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013!!!!!

Another year has passed, now we’re in 2013. How fast it seems time flies. Though I feel, the older I am the less significance of this new year event becomes. To me, it’s just another day. Though it’s still a good fun and excuse to celebrate the new year regardless! 🙂

Also it’s a good time to reflect about the year just passed. What have you done and achieved in 2012? What’s your significant moments?

At times, it’s good to realise what kinds of memories that we normally carry or cherish. It’s important to acknowledge whether it’s the bad and rotten experiences that we carry with us or the good and beautiful ones.

It’s surprising to realise that many times we tend to carry the bad stuff that had happened in our life. We carry them into our sleep, we carry them when we’re awake, even though that event might have happened in many years ago. It took me a while to realise that it is not useful and beneficial to do so. And the good news is, we don’t have to. It’s our own choice to pick which ones we want to cherish.

When we contemplate our past, it’s necessary to acknowledge the rotten experience – not to cling and beat ourselves over it. But to reflect on why it happened and how we could avoid similar things happen again. In other words, they are in our lives as our teachers. They are to teach us some lessons. Though in some occasions we may not find the answer/teaching right away. But with time, things will reveal itself little by little.

Let’s take this new year as a symbolic moment to start afresh our lives. To leave behind the bad past and to embrace the future with a lot of open heartedness and compassion. The future is still uncertain and unknown – and I can guarantee it will be full of ups and downs. But what other wise way to embrace the “bad” experience in our life but with compassion? That’s the best gift we could give to ourself – compassion to the broken heart and pain. And don’t forget to fertilise it with a lot of kindness and goodness so we could reap the juicy fruits out of it!

May year 2013 bring you much more joy, happiness, peace and prosperity. May you be well and happy. May you find peace and liberation in the heart.

Good luck!!! 🙂 Image


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